I don't consider myself to be a 'no' person; I'm certainly not closed minded when presented with a request or idea. 

But, that's not to say I'm a 'yes' person either, just so I can satisfy a potential client with an enquiry. Too many people say yes in order to satisfy people even though have no way of then fulfilling obligations.

I'm open-minded and optimistic. 

To me, if I feel something is realistic and achievable then I will say yes because I love the challenge and the satisfaction of success. 

Saying yes means that working with the right team is crucial. Obligations and ideas can't always be realised on your own, but surrounding yourself with those who are receptive to your communication will result in success.

And, this is where communication is Key. You have to be sincere in communicating your ideas and proposals to your team and then in the process empower them to have self-belief and share the vision. 

To me, money is not the ultimate motivation. Sure, it's necessary and nice; but the idea of overcoming something that is complex, complicated and challenging is the drive. It will result in satisfying others and gratitude and the prospect of being given more responsibilities and challenges.

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